domenica 15 maggio 2016

Mother's Day

          Happy Mother's Day

[EN] Children are the greatest wealth of the parents. Time flies when spent with them. That's why I try to make as many pictures, to catch every moment of his age. Each year his character changes, but the tenderness remains in his soul. This year I took a creative writing class (I will tell you about that in another post), and I dedicated him few poems and he was excited to read them. And in turn for Mother's Day, he prepared a small book with few chapters :-) and a letter which means a lot to me. He brought so much joy in my soul! There's a saying: Happiness comes from little things.

[RO] Copiii sunt cea mai mare bogatie a parintilor. Timpul petrecut linga ei zboara. De asta si incerc sa fac cit mai multe poze, sa prind orice moment din virsta lui. Fiecare an caracterul lui se schimba, insa duiosia sa ramane in sufletul lui. Anul acesta am luat o clasa de creative writing (despre asta va voi povesti intr-o alta postare) si i-am dedicat citeva poezii, el fiind entuziasmat sa le citeasca. Si la rindul sau de Mother's Day mi-a pregatit o carte cu citeva capitole :-) si o scrisoare care tare mi-e draga. Cita bucurie mi-a adus in suflet! Nu degeaba este o zicala: Fericirea vine din lucruri marunte.


Since you were in my belly,
I knew you’ll be sweet as a berry,
And soft as a teddy.

I was anxious to meet you
Under the sky blue,
And no one knew.

I felt in my stomach butterflies,
The happiness reflected in my eyes,
And my life got caramelized.

The first moment I held you in my arms
I understood what emotions felt other moms,
And how it feels like to have a light among stars.

You have made my life fulfilled
And I am thrilled
Of how much happiness you bring. 

Parent’s Life

A child is a miracle
Which comes true from a caramel love,
And those who receive it as a gift
Are parents with a life fulfilled.

A child is a sunshine
Shining your day and night,
Making your day better
With an endearing hug.

A child is life’s happiness
With the sweetest morning kiss.
Whispering in the ear ”I Love You”
It’s the most precious thing one can miss.

A child is a blessing
That makes your life happier.
Seeing him growing in your eyes
You realize how fast time flies!

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